The Abingdon Branch
Nigel Trippet & Nicholas de Courtais
Wild Swan Publications Ltd
0 906867 29 0
This is the 'bible' of the Abingdon Branch and has been the inspiration for this project. Packed with information and tracing the history of the branch line from it's initial inception through to closure of the branch. Maps, trackplans, timetables and drawings of many of the buildings accompany the many stunning photographs and informative text. Unfortunately this book is now out of print though possibilities of a revised edition have been discussed with the publisher.
Didcot to Banbury
Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith
Middleton Press
1 904474 02 0
This 96 page book, which is one of an excellent and extensive range of titles from Middleton Press, covers the Great Western route from Didcot to Banbury. Along with large scale maps, 120 photograph accompany the text. Included in the section on the Abingdon Branch are a map showing the station, goods yard and surrounding area.
Trains Illustrated
Jun 1954
This magizine article gives an interesting account of the Abingdon Branch as it was at the time (1954).
The Railway Magazine
Feb 1956
This magazine article gives another account of the Abingdon Branch as it was in 1956.
Great Western Echo
Spring 1972
This magazine reproduces the original 1908 Abingdon Herald account of the accident which happened on 22nd April of that year and subsequently led to the rebuilding of the station.
The Railway Magazine
June 1982
An excellent article by Nigel Trippet detailing the history of Abingdons's railway.
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